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Watch for this department to grow. Professional steam presses, steam generated irons, suction ironing boards and more systems to come!  Also watch for more information about our line of Daylight lamps and magnification systems.



The Clover Compact Mini Iron® is perfect for pressing "Quick Bias" in stained glass quilting, appliquéing, pressing seams, paper crafting, and many other sewing and quilting projects like fusing narrow fabric strips or reaching the smallest corner when fusing fabric to cardboard.  It's easy to use on even the smallest details!

This miniature iron lets you press open small seams cleanly and sharply without burning your fingers like you would with a large iron!

The Compact Mini Iron® offers these outstanding features:

  • Heats up to operational temperatures in less than 10 minutes
  • Lightweight body only weighs 2.5 oz.
  • Long 8 foot electric cord.
  • Easy-glide sole plate
  • Multiple temperature control settings
  • On/Off switch built into cord
  • Mini Iron® stand included
  • Iron size: 7/8'' x 1 3/8''


With the Elnapress, you iron in a seated position. The automatic pressure (45k/100lbs) applied with the movable handle (right handle) does the work for you. It is ideal for avoiding unnecessary stress on your back and for anyone who may be physically handicapped and/or confined to a wheelchair. The Elnapress will put perfect creases in your trouser legs and give all your laundry a wrinkle free finish. Since the Elnapress closes down on your laundry, it will not leave a shiny finish on fine fabrics. And, since there is no back and forth friction as with a hand iron, it will not wear down fabrics.

How many times have you left your iron plugged in and forgotten about it? Or, think how easily an ironing board can be tipped over. The Elnapress can be set up on any sturdy table, and there is no separate iron that can be knocked to the floor. A warning buzzer sounds after 10 seconds in a closed position. The electrical current is automatically cut off after the warning buzzer has sounded, and is restored when the Elnapress is opened. Automatic permanent shut off after 15 minutes of idleness.

The Elnapress will cut your ironing time in half. After a bit of practice, a standard shirt can be pressed in 1 to 2 minutes. Compare that with 5 to 8 minutes for a normal or steam iron. Each time the press is closed, you apply 45kg / 100lbs of pressure so you can press 3-4 layers in a single effort. For example, you don't need to press both sides of shirtsleeves, trouser legs, tablecloths, etc.

The Elnapress is compact and is easy to set up and store, and has been designed with a large space in the back to accommodate large items such as sheets and tablecloths.

The Elnapress Opal is Swiss made. It is energy efficient because it only consumes between 600 and 900 watts per hour. Best of all, the Elnapress is easy to care for. It only requires regular cleaning of the heating shoe and replacement of the ironing board cloth, foam padding and sleeve board cloth when they become worn.

Daylight lamps ease eye stress and enhance clarity using a combination of light, magnification and good design to meet real customer needs.

Natural daylight is a healthier and more comfortable light to work with for craft activities. The most obvious advantages are the ability to see better in natural light and to be able to see colors accurately. We have combined magnifying lenses with daylight light sources in our magnifying lamps, making detailed work possible and comfortable at any time of day and night.

Our extensive range of daylight lamps and magnifiers includes ergonomically designed models, which meet the needs of our specialist customers, such as artists, professionals, needle workers, hobbyists as well as the partially sighted. These range from lamps designed for working in an armchair, at an embroidery frame or an easel, for lighting a clip board, magnifying book text, or working with a computer.

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