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The Ultimate Sewing Centre is home to
Sewing Machines & Sergers.

Janome is the World's Largest Sewing Machine Manufacturer.  We are proud not only to be an authorized dealer for Janome, known for its quality, reliability and performance all over the world, but also a valued consultee of Janome's research and development team.

Elna Canada’s quality range of Swiss Designed products with innovative and exclusive features provides you the opportunity to explore and expand your creativity to new heights.  Now you can enjoy the Elna experience at the Ultimate Sewing Centre!

Janome Sewing Machines:    Entry     Standard     Jem
Computerized     Professional     Embroidery

Other Janome Machines:      Sergers

ELNA Sewing Machines:    Sewing & Quilting     Overlock     Embroidery

  Entry Level  

The 419 gives you 23 stitches, including a one-step buttonhole. With a sturdy, all-aluminum body, and legendary Janome stitch quality, the 419 is perfect for quilting, home dec, or garment construction.

It comes with a hard cover, a built-in needle threader, a vertical oscillating hook, and auto declutch bobbin winder.

The 419 will perform consistently on a wide range of fabrics. The optional accessory feet snap on.

The Sewist Series by Janome is the perfect fit for all of your creative endeavors. These versatile machines have the power and precision you need to breeze through projects. Home dec, quilting, garment construction, crafts: the Sewist Series contains the features you need, while offering an affordable price.

Whether you're interested in quilting, garments, crafting, or home dec, the Sewist 625E has the features that will make your projects fun and successful. This easy to use electronic sewing machine packs superb features at a minimal cost.

Memorized Needle Up/Down, Push Button Reverse, Electronic Foot Control, Jam-proof Rotary Hook, Automatic Upper Thread Tension, Krypton Lamp, Slide Out Accessory Tray, Drop Feed System, Includes Hard Cover 

  Jem Series  
  Jem Gold Plus Trim and Stitch
Like each model in the legendary Janome Jem line, this is a portable, yet feature rich machine, and offers 12 stitches, a four-step buttonhole, built-in needle threader, one-hand thread cutter and quick foot conversion.  To make it even better, this machine introduces the Light Serging System which lets you trim, sew, and finish seams in one easy step. No need for an additional serger to professionally finish your garments and home decor projects, this machine makes it easy to complete your projects on one versatile machine.

Features:  Light Serging System™ (LSS), 9 stitches plus 1 four-step buttonhole, Built-in needle threader, Drop feed lever, Extension table and removable storage compartment for free arm sewing, Fail-safe needle insertion, Reverse stitch lever, One-hand thread cutter, Carrying handle, Magnetic type horizontal full rotary hook, Quick foot conversion, Easy stitch selector dial, Concealed tension dial

  Jem Gold LXE

Jem Gold-LXE - A cousin to the Jem Gold II, the Jem Gold LXE offers some luxury features you would expect on intermediate level machines. Lightweight and portable with standard features as built in button hole, built in needle threader and top loading bobbin system are just some of the features you will find on this attractive little package.

  Jem Platinum

It's computerized sewing that's easy to take along. The Jem Platinum 760 is a compact companion machine, perfect to take to sewing classes or your quilting club. But don't think of it as a stripped-down portable. This little Jem is a full featured sewing and quilting machine.

The Jem Platinum 760 is computerized with 60 stitches, convenient pull-out stitch chart, and a bright easy-to-read LCD display. The Platinum Series includes the Jem 720. These machines have everything you love about the best-selling original Jem Gold models and so much more.

With the Jem Platinum 760 you get legendary Janome stitch quality, sturdy construction and a precise feeding system. Both models have the features you'd expect from a full-size machine, but each case is 3/4 the size of a standard model and weighs in at just under 12 lbs.

The original design and an optimal set of operations. Bright, easy to read LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons lines. LCD screen displays the message machine, advice and tips in the form of icons. It is possible to change the width and density of the loops, and more.  25 stitches. 3 types of automatic buttonholes.



A full-featured machine made with a quilter's needs in mind, the 3160QDC will deliver all the benefits of a top of the line model, and with an affordable price. You'll find 60 stitches including 6 one-step buttonholes. Janome's Exclusive Superior Plus Feed System offers specialized box feeding on top of Janome's SFS system, ensuring even, stable feeding with any fabric. And the time saving features including memorized needle up/down, one hand needle threader, and lock stitch button make sewing easy. Best of all, this full-size machine weighs only 12 pounds, so its easy to take to classes and guild meetings!

Features:  60 stitches, including 6 automatic buttonholes, Memorized automatic thread cutter, 7mm maximum zigzag stitch, Horizontal rotary hook, Full size machine, Extended free arm, Simplified navigation keys, LCD screen with backlight, Foot pressure adjustment, Superior Plus Feed System with 7-piece feed dog, Drop feed dog with lever, Extended needle plate, Start/stop button, Built-in, one-hand needle threader, Speed adjustment (slider), Memorized needle up/down, Auto lockstitch button, Numbered threading path, adjustable pressure dial, Handy accessories storage, Power supply, seam foot (O), Open toe foot (F-2), Includes hard cover



The 4030 Quilting/Décor is a Computerized sewing machine with fabulous features desired by sewists and quilters alike. Its bright, easy to read LED display and touch-button selection allows quick access to the 30 built-in stitches, including 6 styles of one-step buttonholes. Extra-wide seam markings on the bed of the machine are great for home dec applications, and the feed dog drop and start/stop button are handy for quilting projects.

30 stitches, Automatic, one-step buttonhole, LED display, Stitch width and length adjustment, Built-in needle threader, Needle up/down, Start/stop button 



The 4100 Quilting/Décor is a Computerized sewing machine with fabulous features desired by sewists and quilters alike. Its bright, easy to read LED display and touch-button selection allows quick access to the 100 built-in stitches for more creativity, including several styles of one-step buttonholes. Extra-wide seam markings on the bed of the machine are great for home dec applications, and the feed dog drop and start/stop button are handy for quilting projects.

100 stitches, plus alphabet, Automatic, one-step buttonholes, LCD display, Stitch width and length adjustment, Built-in, one-hand needle threader, Needle up/down, Start/stop button 

  Skyline S3

Trade off-the-rack for signature style and make everyday extraordinary with the value priced Skyline S3. Skyline's signature 210mm space to the right of the needle offers plenty of work area, while 120 up to 7mm stitches (including 7 buttonholes) keep your sewing options open. The One Step needle plate converter and push button convenience
features like auto thread trimming make traditional sewing chores a breeze.
Four LED lights and 7 sewing accessory feet round out a great package of essential features.

  Skyline S5

A modern sensibility meets the comforts of convenience. The Skyline S5 includes the features to take your sewing to a new level. A spacious bed provides room for larger quilting and home decor projects while its easy convenience features like Automatic Thread Cutter and Memorized Needle Up/Down will save you time and make your sewing easier. This computerized machine has top of the line features at a mid-level price. Take your sewing to new heights with the Skyline S5.

No matter your sewing style or ability level, the Skyline S5 offers the power and intuitive design to expand your expertise. Beginners can take advantage of the ease of use, like the Easy Set Bobbin and Speed Control Slider. More advanced sewers will enjoy Janome signature features like the One Step Needle Plate Converter and the Superior Feed System (SFS+) as well as the precision of 91 needle positions and 9mm stitches.

  Skyline S7

The Skyline S7 comes with 240 built-in stitches, including 11 one-step buttonholes and 7 alphabets. Quilters and designers will enjoy the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System and the Automatic Presser Foot Lift. The 11 buttonholes can be customized for stitch width, stitch density and buttonhole opening. Along with that, the 7 alphabets also go up to a 9mm width with a revised letter size and shape for increased realism and balance. Navigation through all of these features has become easier with the Skyline S7’s new LCD color touch screen.


The "P" stands for professional and understandably so. The Memory Craft 1600P is the latest industrial quality machine in our Professional Series. It is a dedicated straight stitch machine with an aluminium body and a longer arm that provides 50% more working space than other machines. Inside it is a computerized powerhouse with a high powered motor which can sew up to 1600 stitches per minute - twice as fast as most machines. And it is a flatbed machine, styled for those bigger projects such as home furnishing, bridal wear and quilting. Industrial quality tension control, variable foot pressure, a built in needle threader, a knee lifter, a speed control lever, a needle up/down memory key, dual lights, unique automatic thread cutter and a large extension table, complete the exterior features of this machine. You can even wind a new bobbin while sewing!!

This is the ideal machine for the really serious sewing enthusiast who is looking for precise quality straight stitching at double the normal speed.


The Memory Craft 6600 Professional  is the ultimate in precision and control for sewing, quilting, and home decor. AcuFeed: layered fabric feeding system accurately guides your fabric from both the top and bottom. Janome integrates a built-in walking foot with a unique seven-point feed dog structure helps ensure your sewing and quilting is even, smooth and precise on all types of fabrics and with all types of applications.

Other features: backlit LCD information screen, automatic thread cutter system, knee lifter, dual sewing lights, the largest bed space of any household machine at 9" x 5", sewing speeds of up to 1000 spm.





Imagine a sewing machine with more of everything that you need:  space, precision, light, convenience and choice.  The MemoryCraft 7700-QCP Horizon ushers in a size of sewing machine unmatched in its class and adds up to a sewing experience like no other.  Less struggling, less fatigue and a more relaxed and rewarding sewing experience.

11' x 4.7" work area - the largest in it's class.  Extra long free arm. Big clear acrylic extension table.

The Janome Quilt Piecing System featuring AcuFeedTM; onboard two prong upper feed system with easy engagement and fine-tune, adjustable upper feed....plus more.

Shadow-free lighting with 5 white LED lamps.

Thread cutter for programmable automatic thread trimming.  Highly responsive touch screen and fog dial (for quick and easy-scroll stitch selection.) Pattern length display function, adjustable knee lift, 1000 SPM speed and more storage.

250 stitch package and so much more...



Creativity is about unlocking possibility, giving you features to expand your otpions, and making those features easy-to-use right out of the box. The Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP does this. Come away with this machine and your creativity to explore an entire world of quilting and sewing.

You Get The Tools To Make That Great Big Quilt
You get 11”+ of room to the right of the needle, enough to fit a large quilt while you do free motion stitching. And if you want to go really big, the MC8900 QCP is designed to work on a quilt frame. It even has an optional remote thread cutter.

AcuFeed Flex™ Fabric Feeding System: Go As Thick As You Want
The quiet power of this machine really shows itself when it comes time to sew multiple layers. Engage the exclusive AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system and feel your project moving together under the needle with perfect precision.

Cruise Through Those Long Seams On The 8900 QCP At A Thousand Stitches Per Minute
You won’t always want to sew that fast. But when you’re doing a long straight stitch, it’s nice to be able to finish it quickly—and know every stitch will be beautiful.

Super Fine Needle Position Adjustment: 91 Needle Positions!
You can move the needle to 91 unique positions in order to get pinpoint accuracy for decorative stitching, appliqué or fine quilt finishing. There is also a One-Touch quarter inch stitch setting that will make piecing faster and easier than ever.

Do Bigger And Bolder Embellishment With Hundreds Of 9 mm Stitches
The MC8900 QCP comes with 270 stitches, the MC8200 QC with 120. Choose from Utility, Appliqué, Heirloom, Quilting, Pictograph and more; the majority are 9 mm wide. Variety and gorgeous stitch quality every time!

One-Step Needle Plate Conversion
You don’t need a screwdriver to change the needle plate from Standard to Straight Stitch. Now the plate just pops out with the push of a lever for a quick switch.



For a quilter, there's no such thing as too much bed space on a sewing machine. When you're stitching a full-size quilt, you appreciate every inch of room to the right of needle. Until now, you could expect to pay a premium price for a premium amount of room. Until now.

The Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QC (Quilter's Companion) not only has 11"+ of workspace to the right of the needle, it has a 9 mm stitch width, and it is compatible with Janome's patented AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system.

The MC8200 has Janome's exclusive structural frame design, which enables the machines to deliver excellent stitch quality despite the the extra long bed length. Big quilts have long seams, making a standard machine operating at around 600 stitches per minute feel very slow. The MC8200 can run at up to 850 stitches per minute on a straight stitch. And quilters can relax their pedal foot by using the Start/Stop button.

Comes with 120 built-in stitches, including many 9 mm wide decorative stitches. Plus there are 11 buttonholes and an improved alphabet. The quilter can quickly get to the most popular stitches via ten Direct Select keys.

On the MC8200 the needle plate can be switched from Standard to Straight Stitch in seconds with just the press of a button to pop out the existing plate and snap in the new one.
With hundreds of pieces in a quilt top, tiny errors add up quickly. It's important to be able to place stitches exactly where they need to go. So quilters will also love the MC8200's patented needle placement accuracy. Special plate markings indicate needle drop position, provide angle marks, and act as front-of-the-foot guides.

The MC8900 has a long list of time-saving features quilters will love: an adjustable knee lifter, and Needle Up/Down with Down as the default setting, and an automatic thread cutter. And it comes complete with 16 presser feet in the new 9 mm width.


When you create with fabric and thread, every project is a journey. Where you end up and how you get there is all up to you... and your machine. No matter which direction you head, the new Horizon MC15000 can take you there.

ApronSmart. This is the first Memory Craft that can use the wireless Internet connection in your home to communicate with your iPad® via two included apps, as well as directly to your laptop or PC. Now you can leave your sewing room without leaving your machine.

The first app is AcuMonitor™. It allows you to watch the progress of the embroidery stitchout remotely. The second app is AcuEdit™, which allows you to use your iPad® to design embroidery layouts while relaxing on the couch. Horizon Memory Craft 15000 owners can access all 480 built-in designs once the iPad® has been connected to the machine.

Touch ScreenClear. It's not just the largest touch screen on a Memory Craft. It's the largest touch screen on any home sewing and embroidery machine. Capable of displaying tens of thousands of colors, it's brilliant, crisp and easy on your eyes.

The new bigger touch screen makes navigation more intuitive than ever. And you have lots more room to work on your embroidery layouts. It's like having your favorite tablet computer built right into your sewing machine.

Wedding GownCreative. You're going to love embroidery on this machine. It comes loaded with hundreds of built-in designs - many of them created just for this machine by leading designers. So many different styles. All ready to be stitched out with unmatched precision.

Whether you do embroidery for quilting, home décor, or garments, the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 will help you complete projects like never before. Not just bigger or more complex, but truly a step up to the next level of creativity.

HoopBig. Could you use a little more sewing, embroidery or quilting room? The new MC15000 has the largest workspace on any Memory Craft. Now matter how big your creative ideas are, you're going to have the room to stitch them out.

Fast. It has a much faster internal processor. Not just 10% or 20% faster than its predecessor. But 100% faster than our fastest Memory Craft to date. That really saves time when importing and opening those big design files.

ApronEasy. Janome is known throughout the industry for ease-of-use. We know you want frustration-free sewing, quilting and embroidery, so we make sure navigation is the most intuitive, that changing from one process to another is fast and simple (like a one-step needle plate conversion), and time-saving features, like a new automatic needle threader are instantly useful.



The MC12000 has all the incredible functionality you've hoped for in a sewing and embroidery machine, implemented in ways that are intuitive, smarter, and just plain more enjoyable.

With a 15" embossed stainless steel plate in the bed and 11" to the right of the needle, it has the most workspace of any Janome. It has the largest, most stable embroidery system we've ever developed. It will change the way you create, and make the creative journey more enjoyable than ever before.

Real-time PC connection with Horizon Link™
The touchscreen is certainly large enough to do on-screen editing. But if you want a view that's much larger than any sewing screen can offer, connect the machine to your PC via our exclusive Horizon Link™. Now you can create and edit embroidery designs and stitch combinations on your computer with your mouse - anywhere, anytime.

Detachable AcuFeed Flex™ Layered Fabric Feeding System
The Memory Craft 12000 comes standard with two AcuFeed Flex™ feet. The Dual Prong Foot gives you extra traction. The Single Prong Foot lets you get in close. Both are easily detachable.

The Amazing Stitch Composer™
Use your PC to create original stitches from scratch. Or take existing stitches and alter them needle-drop by needle-drop. Your machine treats your custom creations just like built-in stitches; so you can edit, combine and save them to your machine or PC.

Sleek Linear Motion Embroidery System™
It slips neatly, discretely onto the back of your machine to give you a bigger embroidery area than ever before, with even greater accuracy. So discreet and sleek, you can leave it attached for regular sewing. So cleverly engineered, it's the only machine to allow Free Arm embroidery: a Janome exclusive.

Features:  Embroider or sew at up to 1000 spm with superior Janome stitch quality, 15" stainless steel plate in the sewing bed with embossed measurements, 11" to the right of the needle, 9mm decorative stitches, Variable Zigzag via the knee lifter, One-step needle plate conversion, 10 built-in LEDs in 5 locations, Retractable High Light™, Adjustable AcuView Magnifier™, 91 needle positions, Auto presser foot lift.
Click here for more information.

11000 SE

"Everything you loved about the original and more"
The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition still has all the unique things you love about the the original: the i-height touchscreen, embroidery without a bulky attachment, and unmatched stitch quality. But now with features like the AcuFil Quilting System, you can do creative things that simply weren't possible before. Adjust your hoop position after you've started embroidery, change your speed during embroidery, store your designs directly from the machine to your PC and so much more. It's the perfect combination of innovation, precision and ease of use. Only from Janome.
Click here for more information.

  MC 9900

The MC9900 has the most stable embroidery unit Janome has ever produced. It's precise. In fact, the stitch quality is so precise, it's possible to embroider fine lace designs on certain types of organza without stabilizer!
It's fast (1000 spm). And it's remarkably quiet.
If you're looking for value, the MC9900 has the kind of specifications found on machines costing twice as much and with three-times the learning curve. Here, everything is so easy to use, because the technology is designed to make it fun.

Sewers of all ranges and abilities will love the Memory Craft 9900 – it contains a wealth of unique features which set it apart, and allow creativity to flourish.

  MC 350E

The 350E is an embroidery-only machine incorporating Janome's legendary stitch quality, USB transfer port, easy on-screen editing and much much more.

Features 100 pre-loaded embroidery designs, 3 built in font sizes, 2 & 3 Letter designs; both USB & ATA PC card ability; On Screen Embroidery Editing - full function backlit 97 x 73 mm LCD screen to select your design; 2 hoops - the big B hoop (5.5" x 7.9") as well as the standard A hoop (5" x 4.3"); user-friendly features like; drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader, bright halogen sewing light, easy lay-in threading, multi language capabilities, customized screen preferences; Auto thread cutter system; Design Rotation; Folder System; and Ball Bearings.  Click here for more information.


Four DLG

Ensure stable sewing results with this machine's lay in tension system, similar to that used in a sewing machine.  This two-needle, 3 or 4 thread overlocker, stitches at up to 1300 spm giving you a professional finish fast.  Use the differential feed to gain increased control over the most difficult types of fabric and explore creative serging techniquies. For more information, click here.

  CoverPro 2000CPX
The CoverPro 2000CPX’s innovative design is based on the marriage of an industrial style cover hem machine and a convenient home sewing machine. This means it sews like a sewing machine with all the dials conveniently located. It has a much larger arm space than competitor models and it has a freearm facility that is unique to this type of machine. It is not an overlocker. The resulting union has produced a high speed, long arm, heavy duty cover hem machine, that looks and operates like a sewing machine.

With a wide triple cover hem stitch, exclusive free arm configuration and seam tightening system ( STS ), the 2000CPX is the most advanced dedicated cover hem machine available. In addition it has Tension Level Control to provide greater control over fine fabrics and thereby perfect stitch quality.  For that totally professional finish choose the CoverPro 2000CPX.


The 1110DX is our first free-arm serger. Previously available only on our sewing machines, the free-arm allows you to serge in tight places like cuffs and collars with ease.

The 1110DX is our most advanced MyLock mechanical serger, with speeds up to 1300 stitches per minute, has 2 needles and 2, 3 or 4 thread stitching capabilities. Equipped with differential feed (which is adjustable from .05 to 2.25) and an adjustable cutting width, the 1110DX provides increased control for handling most types of fabrics and is essential for creative serger techniques.

Threading is simplified by color-coded thread guides and a self-threading lower looper. With its free-arm and other advanced features, is the easiest way to get fast, professional results. Click here for more information.

Sewing and Quilting

  Pro 7200

Through the ages sewing has evolved from beautiful work done by hand to beautiful work done on technologically advanced sewing equipment. Your fashion sense demands distinctive couture touches, like arrowtacks, bartacks and bound buttonholes. Take it a step further and embellish cuffs, collars, pockets, buttonhole areas with any of our decorative motifs.  No matter where your talents lie, the Elna PRO 7200 is the machine for you.

Technical Features
Long arm offers large sewing surface - 22.5cm, Built-in needle threader, Stitch chart with clip board, Retractable thread guide for 2 industrial thread cones, Adjustable sewing speed up to 1000 stitches/minute, Adjustable foot pressure
Additional presser foot clearance, Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover, Independent bobbin winding with automatic declutch, Manual adjustment of tension, indicated on LCD, Strong needle penetration on all fabrics,
Fine adjustment, Knee lifter, Guidelines on the needle plate, with indications in mm and Inch, Perfect start angle lines, Drop feed dog, Drop feed dog sensor, Foot control with retractable cord

Sewing Features and Programming
126 stitches including 7 buttonholes, plus 2 alphabets, Stitches of special interest for quilters, including quilt stitches, pre-programmed, stippling stitches, 7 versions of appliqué and the « French knot » stitch, 10 direct selection stitches with easy-to-read stitch illustrations, PS key (Personal Settings) to record your personalized adjustments, Creation of sequences combining up to 50 stitches, 4 permanent memories to save, recall, overwrite and clear sequences, Edit key, Start/Stop key, Automatic and programmable thread cutter, Programmable up/down needle key, Auto-lock key and memory auto-lock key, Reverse key, Face-to-face and mirror key, Elongation of satin stitches up to 5 times original length, Twin needle, Adjustable width (7mm) and length (5mm) of stitch, Adjustable needle position, LCD screen with adjustable backlight, 10 languages to choose from, Advisory messages, Fast resumption mode without loss of data, Adjustable sound volume




Stretch fabrics and sheers difficult? Not with the Elna 654! Ready for an overlock to complement your sewing machine? With the Elna 654 you can use 2, 3 or 4 threads. The program reference cards - built right into the machine - will show you how. And you can even overlock heavy fabrics like toweling.

Technical Features
Program reference cards, Automatic tension release, Built-in 2-thread converter, Cutting blade - up, down or locked for heavy fabrics, Front cover safety system, Differential feed, Instant rolled hem device, Adjustable cutting width, Self-threading lower looper, Color-coded threading routes, Adjustable foot pressure, Electronic foot control, Maximum speed of 1300 rpm, Snap-on presser feet, Telescopic thread antenna system, Built-in storage compartment, Waste tray included, Dust cover, Optional accessories.

Safety 4 Thread, Stretch Knit, Gathering 4, Stretch Wrapped, 3 Thread Wide, 3 Thread, Narrow Hem 3, Rolled Hem 3, Rolled Hem 2, Overcast 2, Flatlock 2, Flatlock 3.

Program Reference Cards
A mini instruction book always at your fingertips.  Built-in accessory storage - you'll always be perfectly organized.

  654 Pro

So Cool!

Hemming skirts or sewing stretch fabrics seem to you so difficult? Not with Elna 664.

And what better ally than the Elna 664? Neatly cutting, hemming and sewing in no time at all. Avoiding loose threads.

It's also there to help you cut and assemble garments too. With no fuss. Life's so good !

FEATURES:  Instant rolled hem device, Self-threading lower looper, Maximum speed of 1300 rpm, Color-coded threading routes, Cutting blade, Adjustable foot pressure, Snap-on presser feet, Telescopic thread antenna system, Electronic foot control, Exclusive Elna accessory box, and Dust cover

  8200 Xperience

DON'T WORRY, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY...but you'll soon find the Elna 8200 Xperience is necessary. This embroidery-only machine is up to any task - in any style, in any room, on any fabric. Top designer studio fashions are now yours for the making in practically no time for just a fraction of the cost. It's simply a matter of touching a few keys and letting the machine go to work. You'll be so impressed with your embroidery results that you won't know where to stop!

Technical Features
LCD touch screen with backlight - 94 mm x 71 mm, 3 3/4" x 2 3/4", Start/stop key - color-coded red/green, Built-in needle threader, Thread sensor, Presser bar sensor, Extra presser foot lift, Needle plate with small needle entry hole only, Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover, Hoops, Standard hoop A and large hoop B included with machine, Templates provided with hoops, Jog keys align hoop to needle start position, Free arm embroidery with optional hoop, Built-in carriage, Top protective cover with design chart, Universal voltage, Card slot for optional designs.

Designs & Programming
An abundant choice of built-in designs - florals, ocean, children's, sewer's tools, animals, kitchen, musical, Alphabets - 3 styles, 3 sizes, Single or multiple colors with color change key, Edit any letter anywhere in a sequence, Horizontal/vertical alignment for letters, Monograms - 2 letter and 3 letter with 4 styles of frames, Edit features, Combine designs and alphabets, Rotate, resize, mirror image, face to face, Move by drag and drop, Design embroidery information, Skipping and color overview, Remaining embroidery time in minutes, Design size, Trace key, Stitch counter, Memory, Save onto machine or onto PC design cards, Name files, Save, recall, overwrite, delete, Set preferences, Inches/millimeters, Sound - adjust volume or turn off, Adjust eco mode, Thread selection - Robison-Anton, Madeira, Mettler, Languages, On-screen information key.

Under top cover and in extension table, Dust cover.


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