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Ultimate Sewing Centre Staff

Shirley     John    Sharon     Barb     Trudie     Eleanor     Debra
 Donna     Joanne     Margaret     Jasper     Tracey     Marcie      Ester

    Everyone loves Shirley, but it's hard to put into words why.  Whether it is her extremely generous nature, her unflappable, joking wit, or her direct honesty, there are just so many reasons to love her.  Never mind her knowledge about machines - any machine, make or model!  People are always astounded and say they can't compare it to anyone else they know!

Shirley has been sewing since she was a teenager.  Along with her immense knowledge, Shirley is a loving wife and mother, a terrific cook, and a great woman and saleslady.  She's great at ideas and getting things started....but as she'll tell you herself, the royal "WE" (staff) always finishes it!  (Her nickname is "the Princess"....you'll have to ask the staff why, if you don't already know!)

  Shirley's "honey-do" man!  (Honey do this...honey do that...)

John is always willing to help out at the store.  The staff go directly to him whenever they have something they just cannot do.

Also THE BEST maid they've ever had!  Whether it's filling the fridge with drinks, bringing the girls treats, or risking his life hanging quilts, John is the go-to guy!


The best fabric organizer there is and very knowledgeable about quilting.  Sharon's very artistic for 'off-the-wall' kind of projects.  She likes 'far out and funky' ideas and very brightly coloured things.

The customers love her because she is so helpful and good at choosing colours and fabrics for your projects.

Did you know that Sharon actually came from the fashion industry?  She used to be a pattern maker.  But from the time she created her first quilt, she decided she could fit a wall better than a figure, and has never looked back!

    What a busy-bee-go-to-girl!  Trudie is always smiling as she goes about her busy day.  We have all come to count on her.  Jackets and bags are what got Trudie started.  She's now enjoying machine embroidery and applique.  A true Jill-of-all-trades, she has her hands in a little bit of everything here.
    Barb is the thread that sews us all together!

Barb is to the Ultimate Sewing Centre, what oil is to your machine.  She keeps the USC running smoothly.  Without her help, copies wouldn't get made, files would not be kept organized, and most importantly, she keeps our suppliers happy, ensuring that they continue to supply us with all the treasures you fondle in the store.

This woman is ultra-efficient, fun, and has a great sense of humour.  (Loves to travel and likes Tequila!)

    Eleanor’s patience (and her years as a high school teacher!) makes her the perfect teacher for our beginner sewers. Her kids’ classes have introduced young people to this wonderful hobby and are bringing in the next generation of sewing addicts.
    Our resident “bag lady”, Debra’s attention to detail and beautiful workmanship make her purses and bags stand out from the rest. Join her for a class or two and you will soon be hooked. When she’s not at the store her grandchildren keep her very busy!
    Donna’s enthusiasm and excitement about quilting is contagious. Her colour and design choices will have you drooling over her samples. Shirley is always trying to steal her jewelry because every time she comes to work she is sporting a wonderful piece to match her great outfits.
    One of our newest teachers, Joanne’s knowledge base when it comes to quilting is huge and a few years ago she even had her own quilt shop! She will be showing everyone how to use the very popular Tucker tools. Come and take advantage of her experience and expertise.
    Margaret is our new machine embroidery teacher. She teaches classes for beginners as well as for more experienced machine embroidery users. Add to your repertoire by taking a class or two from this knowledgeable teacher.
    No longer part of the in-store staff, Tracey is still part of the Ultimate family. Her beautiful quilting can still be admired in the store on some of our class samples. She now has her own long-arm quilting business…check her out at www.whirlsnswirlsquilting.ca.
    Marcie was our resident hand-work guru.  This majorly talented girl did hand-appliqué like no other.

Marcie had many years of experience in all aspects of quilting.  Her love of the traditional quilting ways mixed with her talents and creativity when it came to free-motion work on her domestic machine made her a plethora of information.

We were happy to have had her as a part of our family. RIP, Marcie.

    Ester’s knowledge of machine embroidery and enthusiasm for her craft made her the go-to person for all our embroidery questions and quandaries. She was also an active quilter, hand embroiderer, knitter and “bag lady”. Whether it was one she made herself or one she purchased, she always carried a beautiful bag. She will be greatly missed by our sewing community.

We were happy to have had her as a part of our family. RIP, Ester.

    And what would the Ultimate Sewing Centre be without Alex?!  A sweet, loving not-so-little-anymore character, we all would be lost without him!


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