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Completed projects from Kids' Summer Camp

  D. Poole, ON  
  I have never gone into a store and felt more comfortable and welcomed then at this store.  I also felt I could ask any question and not feel like I was inconveniencing someone.  Thank you for that.  
  L. Prefontaine  
  Even though I live far from your store, it is always a treat for me to shop there because of the Ultimate Chicks.  
  B. Mcmillan, ON  
  Love the shop and always find what I'm looking for.  
  K. Rifkin, ON  
  I love the classes that you offer. They have taught me a lot which I have used in everyday sewing.  
  B. Bjerkseth, ON  
  Thanks for a lovely shop, great staff, teachers and classes!  
  J. Wentzell, ON  
  I really have enjoyed taking classes at USC and hope to take more!  
  S. Brunet, ON  
  Living out of town, I don't get in as often as I would like, but I bought my machine from you and love it.  I will try hard to get in for some lessons!  
  A. Gallant, ON  
  I like all the variety that you have in the store!  
  J. Laskin, ON  
  Your shop is wonderful and the people that work there are very helpful. Thanks!  
  T. Watson, ON  
  Thank you for having a good quilting shop in Oshawa! Much appreciated!  
  L. Garcia, ON  
  Great store. I enjoy walking around every time I go. Very helpful staff. Thank you.  
  T. Lessard, ON  
  I always find everything I need...and the staff are wonderful and so helpful!  
  I. Ballentine, ON  
  Have really enjoyed all the classes I have taken so far...am inspired to continue...especially quilting.  
  C. Martin, ON  
  Great store!  
  P. Westwood, ON  
Dear Shirley,
  I would like to bring to your attention the kindness of one of your excellent staff. A couple of weeks ago I came into your store in need of a make-up class and Marcie offered to be my instructor she was both patient and full of tips that enabled me to get the job done, at the same time was another lady having a class with Tracey, the lady was asking Marcie to explain what she was showing me which Marcie did without hesitation,
Thanks you Marcie my daughter has at last her much waited for quilt.
   One of your many regulars
         P. Westwood
  Merrill McC., ON  
  Hello Marcie, Sharon and Shirley,

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the free motion course I recently completed.

Marcie really knows her stuff and everyone in the class appreciated her teaching abilities and sense of humour! It is one thing to know a subject, but another one to be able to pass is along. She was always able to overcome problems and get us all to achieve. I've been working on a few smaller things since the last class and have loved the outcome. So thanks for running such excellent classes! I'm sure to sign up again in the future.

Thanks and continue to have a wonderful summer.
(from Free Motion Frenzy on Tuesday evenings with Marcie)
  Janet B., ON  
  Hi Shirley, I had to write and tell you how Marcie helped me out yesterday! I bought a new Janome machine from you in June and have been loving it. One day when I had to change the bobbin, I absentmindedly forgot to place the plastic cover over the bobbin casing. The machine would not function and I was unsure as to what the problem was.

I brought my machine in and after Marcie heard what had happened, she thought that the bobbin may have jumped out place. She removed the face plate and put the bobbin in place and presto – the machine hummed along like new with a perfect stitch! It took less the 15 minutes and I was heading home with my beloved new machine.

You told me that the staff can sometimes correct a problem without a machine going to the “repair guy”. Well you were right. Please send my compliments and my thanks again to Marcie. She saved the day for me.

I hope to get in sometime to have a lesson on my new machine but the summer has been very busy, as I’m sure it has been for you also.
See you sometime in the future.

A very grateful customer, Janet
  Arlene F., ON  
  Shirley: I have been meaning to write you a quick note to let you know just how much I enjoyed the two sewing classes that I recently took with Doreen. I have taken numerous sewing/quilting classes, but must say that the most enjoyable to date have been the last two with Doreen. Not only were the classes stimulating, and an excellent learning experience, but Doreen provided an awesome learning environment. She was most patient, very explicit, obviously knowledgeable, and demonstrated such an awareness of each of our needs within the class - a truly admirable trait! She was able to make each class fun, and we all looked forward to the next lesson....in fact everyone that I spoke with was looking forward to attending another one of her classes - that truly speaks for itself! I am sure that all of the ladies at Ultimate provide such experiences in their classes, but as I have only been exposed to Doreen (so far...), and just thought I'd pass on my thoughts/feelings to you, as I'm sure it will provide you with important feedback, as owner of the shop. I have spoken with numerous friends since taking her classes, and have recommended not only Ultimate Sewing Center as a great place to receive patient assistance, knowledgeable feedback, and friendly support, but classes that are fun and challenging!

Definitely looking forward to taking another class (and always look forward to another trip to the store.)
  Diann J., ON  
  Dear Shirley, I just had to e-mail you and tell you what a great time I had at the quilting class with Sharon in February.  It was so much fun I would go again in a heartbeat.  Thanks for the great time!  
  Freda from Courtice, ON  
  The serger class I took this year was tremendous.  I learned that I can use my new Janome serger for other than doing seams with.  Special techniques was a new learning curve in class, plus I enjoyed the company of other sewers.  Everyone is so helpful with customers.  Thank You!  
  Trudie D., Kendal, ON  
  To Shirley and All the Wonderful Staff at Ultimate Sewing Centre:  Just thought I would write and let you know that it is almost 2 years since I had one of the nicest experiences ever entering a store, and each and every time I enter your store I still have the same great feeling. I love my 3050 machine that I purchased that day, and also my embroidery machine (M350) a year later. Your store is awesome - the fabrics are gorgeous; everything you could ever want in the way of notions; the girls are wonderful - sew patient, sew sew knowledgeable and sew warm to the customers. I have taken many classes and have enjoyed each and every one of them and look forward to many more. Thank you so much – YOU ARE ALL ULTIMATE.  
  Judy C., Newcastle:  
  Hi Shirley,  Just a little note to Thank You so much for my lesson a week ago Tuesday. Your instructions on hooping and embroidering towels was excellent, I gained so much information....now knowing I can slip the Johnny Sewws (sp?) under the hoop has made life sew much easier and I can better utilize the Solvy on top.  Thanks again.  
  Tracey R., Oshawa, Ontario:  


I found Shirley's store in November 2004. The same time I got bit by the quilting bug! I was actually looking to purchase a new machine. I have to say that The Ultimate Sewing Center is my new favourite place (besides home that is.) The fabric is beautiful the thread is incredible. I feel like a little kid in a candy store!!!! Being new, I have a million questions and Shirley is always there to help. I have taken quite a few classes since January and I have to say I just love it. The teachers I have had are great and everyone is always willing to answer all questions (even the dumb ones!! LOL) I have visited quite a few quilting stores and I must say I feel most at home here. The staff are very friendly the prices are VERY reasonable and you're always made to feel welcome. I love my new obsession and I love my new favourite place. (besides home that is!!!)  
  Barb T., Enniskillen, ON:  
  Any time I have a question all I have to do is call and I get the help I need.  The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.  The sewing tips are solid gold.  I love my Janome!

I have been sewing for 20 years but I was baffled by my serger.  I took 3 of Shirley's serger courses and wow now I can serger with confidence.  The tips I received were great.  The serger mystery has been solved, thanks to Shirley.

  Michelle G., Oshawa, Ontario:      
  Thank you so much for your time and patience.  Without your help I never would have achieved the results I did.  I particularly enjoyed all the short cuts you showed me.  My way would have taken much longer.  
  June C., Barrie, Ontario:      
  There are very few people like you!  Without you I could not have achieved my goal with such positive results.  I cannot wait to start using my Janome Memory Craft.  Thank you again for all your help.  

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